Inspiring Women

you start to get back in the game

Changing your life thanks to new technologies is difficult but you can…

There are women who have gone through many work experiences in short periods.
Women working in different sectors but always on top of innovation. From new business ideas, to professions in digital, to the many job opportunities that can open up in this era of great transformation.

Like Luisa, who after a degree in computer science and a job between the U.S. and Italy, at the birth of her daughters has invented a new profession. She gave vent to her creative flair and launched a brand for babies – Zigozago – which offers embroidered and personalized accessories for kids on its online store and on Amazon.

The design of the objects created by Luisa’s hands are striking for that originality mixed with cheekiness.

They conquer immediately, being able to satisfy the desire for an accessory out of the ordinary, but at the same time cuddly and fun.

Zigozago is a brand that encompasses quality, imagination and poetic irony!